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Svend Robinson, Federal Member of Parliament discusses coming out in politics. John visits the International Network of Lesbian and Gay Officials held at the Hotel Plaza II and interviews Volker Beck, Federal M.P. from Germany and Chris Carter, Federal M.P. from New Zealand.

Shannon talks with Laurie Arron from the Campaign for Equal Families and Cynthia Petersen, a lawyer for Equality for Gays and Lesbians Everywhere (EGALE) This link will open in a new browser window. Sid discusses the defeat of Bill 167 and interviews lawyer Michael Leshner. Barry interviews Chris Polson of the Toronto Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf and Carl Miller, past coordinator of Globe '90- '94 about the same sex benefits fight.

John talks with Rick Bébout from the Pink Triangle Press.

Janus interviews Susan Pimento of Family Realty about lesbian and gay buying power.

Sid talks about lesbian and gay power - intellectually, spiritually and physically, and interviews Veronica DeSantos and Courtland Elliot, instructors of the men's self defense course at the 519 Community Center.

We ask people on Church Street "Do you think lesbian and gay people have power?" The Cable 10% Players sing "It's a gay gay gay gay world." Stuart meets the cast members of Fruit Cocktail including Executive Producer Michele Jelle, Director Jordan Merker, and performers Lorene Stanwick, Gordon MacKeracher and Jason Meloche.

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