episode four season two
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Organist Xaver Varnus
Organist Xaver Varnus talks about his beginnings in Budapest and his success in Paris and Canada, and shows us his stuff with a brief recital.

Urban Gardeners
Now that the summer is over, John and Edge check out the fruits of their labors.

"Positive About Youth Sexual Orientation"
Lori Chamberlain and Charlie Sass visit the London, Ontario youth group "P.A.Y.S.O.," and chat with facilitators Joanne Vaclavek and Debbie Lee about their work with queer youth in London.

National Gay & Lesbian Business Exposition
10% visits the first National Gay & Lesbian Business Exposition, held during Pride Week in Toronto. Donna and Stuart talk with Alex from Canadian Airlines, Yves from "The Telephone Booth," Dean from Sleeman's Beverages and Maggie from Quality Products. Psychic "Sarvkalyan" reads Donna's palm and discusses his participation in the show. Lilka shows us her stuff on an ab machine.

Gay Bashing Series - Part Two
Barry talks to Sgt. Gordon Serroull of the Community Response Unit at 52 Division about the crime of bashing and the measures put into place to prevent it. We also get some tips on how the public can protect itself.

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