episode thirteen season two
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Amendments to the Newfoundland Human Rights Act
Ralph Hamelmann takes us to Newfoundland to cover the amendments to the Newfoundland Human Rights Act, and gets comments from Brian Hodder of Newfoundland Gays and Lesbians for Equality, Beth Lacey from the Newfoundland Amazon Network and Minister of Environment and Labor Kevin Aylward.

Dyke Nite Life at Tango
Liz goes for one more Tango (repeat from episode ten).

P-FLAG Shows Homophobes for What They Really Are
Well, at least they tried to, but the networks wouldn't let them. We show you the world premier of two TV commercial spots paid for by P-FLAG in the U.S. condemning religious right wing homophobia. We also talk to Rev. Brent Hawkes; Senior Pastor, Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto about homophobia.

"A Language of Their Own"
We show you scenes from the play "A Language of Their Own" at the Tarragon Theater. Stuart talks with actors Michael Andaluz and Lawrence Tan, Producer Keeman Wong and Co-Producer Janet Lo.

Interview with Billy Newton Davis
We visit Billy Newton Davis as he sings and talks about his "success in the 80's and walking the comeback trail in the 90's." We also show you some clips from his performance at the Pride Day service at Maple Leaf Gardens (repeat from episode ten).

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