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One hour Toronto Pride Week This link will open in a new browser window special.

Pride Week 1997 Proclamation at City Hall
Mayor Barbara Hall proclaims June 23-29, 1997 as Pride Week in Toronto for the last time before it grows from a big city to a monster city. City Hall raises our flag in Nathan Phillips Square to the proud voices of "Singing Out."

Pride History
George Hislop tells us about the August, 1971 gathering at Parliament Hill in Ottawa to protest inadequacies in the Criminal Code relating to homosexuals, and reminds us that part of the reason for Pride Week is to celebrate the equality we’ve gained, and the equality we still lack.

Threats to Arts Funding in Ontario
We take a look at the effect that government moves like the Toronto megacity and 95% budget cuts to the Ontario Film Development Corporation (OFDC) may have on the arts community in Toronto. John Greyson, who’s award-winning film "Lilies" This link will open in a new browser window was one of the last to be funded by the OFDC, also gives us his thoughts on the issue.

Out-Takes: "Pride Day Memories"
Walking the parade route in 4" heels? Shaking your booty down Toronto’s main street to the boomin’ tunes of your favorite float? Getting separated from your partner and spending the next four hours trying to pick them out in a crowd of a million people? What’s your most vivid Pride Day memory? Some folks tell us theirs.

Launch of Toronto’s Bid for the 2002 Gay Games
Cable 10% is a proud media sponsor of Toronto’s bid for the 2002 Gay Games This link will open in a new browser window, and we take you to the Pride Week launch of the effort to bring the Games here.
Follow-up to this story: As you may be aware, Sydney Australia This link will open in a new browser window won the 2002 Gay Games, although Toronto was in the running right until the final round. 10%-Qtv is proud to have supported the Toronto team's bid with our promotion and footage, and we'd like to thank them for their hard work and efforts.

"Boy’s Life 2"
Following on the success of the 1995 compilation of gay short films, "Boy’s Life 2" This link will open in a new browser window brings us four more tales of young gays: "Trevor" by Peggy Rajski, "Must be the Music" by Nickolas Perry, "Alkali, Iowa" by Mark Christopher, and "Nunzio's Second Cousin" by Tom DeCerchio. We give you a sneak peak at this wonderful collection.

AIDS Candlelight Vigil 1997
Over 2,000 names have been inscribed on the AIDS memorial in Cathraw park since its inception in 1985. We take you to the Pride Week candlelight vigil and performances by John Alcorn, Billy Newton-Davis and Frank Shim.

Probably some of the least-understood - or maybe that should be most misunderstood - members of our community are those who define themselves as "transgendered." With some help from the Transsexual Transgendered Action Committee (TTAC), the folks at "Take a Walk on the Wildside" This link will open in a new browser window and their upstairs neighbors at the Canadian Transgender Resource Center, we learn more about what it means to be transsexual, transgenderist and intersex/hermaphroditic. We also cover a vigil for three transgendered people murdered in our community in 1996.

Pride & Remembrance Run 1997
Over 500 runners raised nearly $10,000 for the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives and the AIDS Memorial on Pride Saturday. Our camera people sweated with them in spirit while following them on motorcycles.

Toronto's Second Annual Dyke March
With much better weather for the second time around, over 10,000 women came out for the second annual Dyke March on Pride Saturday. We spent the day chatting-up the revelers and catching performances by Faith Nolan, Meryn Cadell, Sook Yin Lee, Molly’s Revenge and Carol Pope.

"Night Falls on Church Street"
‘Twas the night before Pride Day, and all over Church Street, not a creature was stirring...
Ah, screw that! The place was packed, the concert stage was rockin’, and we were lovin’ every minute of it. Christmas Eve doesn’t even begin to compare.

M.C.C.T. Pride Day Service at Maple Leaf Gardens
We join the Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto at its Maple Leaf Gardens service bright and early Pride Day morning to "Honor our Heroes."

"Pride ’97: Freshly Squeezed"
Just in case the glow starts to fade after the party's over, you’ll be able to reply the highlights on this new video covering Toronto’s Pride Week to be released in July.

Out-Takes: "The Last Word Goes to Our Viewers"
Since this is our last show of the season, we take a minute to let our viewers speak their mind about the show, life, dryer lint, strange voices in their head, whatever.

"Pride Prep"
It takes a lot of work to impress a million queers gathered for a parade, and we visit the hard-working and fabulous folks who put together the floats for MAC Viva Glam, FAB National, the Toronto Transit Commission, Gay Fathers, Pizza Pizza, and of course Cable 10%.

"We Go Together"
What’s an over-the-top one-hour Pride extravaganza without an over-the-top mega (re)production of a Broadway show number? Members of the 10% crew dazzle and amaze you with our singing, dancing and carrying-on to this hit from "Grease." Produced, directed, and otherwise agonized-about by Ralph Hamelmann (it turned out great honey, now please relax :-).

1997 Toronto Pride Day Parade
We close the show, and the 1996/97 season, with coverage of the main event. Be happy, be safe, be fabulous dearies, and see you all in the fall!

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