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Cooking with the Queen: Scotch Broth, Part Two of Two
She’s been cuukin’ fer a wek, and now HRH Geoffery Pimblett This link will open in a new browser window has git ‘er Scotch broth ready fer yuu, laddies and lassies.

"Homosexuals Against Pride Day Extremism"
For the folks at "HOPE," Gay Day at Wonderland was too much, and Pride is just way over the top. Is this about quiet dignity, or new lows of repression?

"Forté" Gay Choir
Remember belting out those show tunes in the hi school choir? Dale Durant tells us about this group of queer tenors in Toronto.

"Neighbor's Pub" in Picton, Ontario
10%-Qtv travels to Prince Edward County This link will open in a new browser window near Kingston to check out a lively bunch of folks who prove the queer community lives, no, thrives outside the big city.

"Buy Nothing Day" 1997
On Friday, November 28th, Adbusters This link will open in a new browser window wants you to "rise above the commodified, advertiser-engineered, niche-marketed, sales-figure-boosting, GDP-pumping consumerism of the Christmas Season" and celebrate Buy Nothing Day. This link will open in a new browser window To prove that we too can put down our purses and find something other than shopping to fulfill our lives, we show you the TV "uncommercial" that many commercial (read: advertiser-supported) networks refused to run.

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