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Peter Paige and Michelle Clunie    Peter Paige and Michelle Clunie had a lot of interesting things to say during our on-set interview with them in March. However we're only a half-hour show, so here's a few "unedited" clips, plus a few you didn't see in the story broadcast on television.

Peter Paige and Michelle Clunie autographed photos. Click for full-size version.
Congrats to viewers Harry H. and Stephanie A., winners of these funky autographed photos (view full size) provided by Peter and Michelle. Kisses and hugs to you too!

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Michelle and Peter talk about QAF's depiction of "real" people, and the demands for it to "be all things to all people gay."

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Peter responds to criticism of straight people playing gay roles (and vice-versa).

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Peter and Michelle discuss how important it is for queer folk to be "out" and to be represented on television.

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Peter compares the U.S. vs. Canadian reaction to Queer As Folk... and sex in general.

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