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Clare Lawlor Comedian Clare Lawlor
We kick off this episode with a few yuks from budding comedian Clare Lawlor. A grad of both the Ontario College of Art's Performance Art program and the Comedy Program at Humber College (bet you didn't know there was such a thing), Clare has the most fun joking about "really out stuff in straight places" like the sub-suburban comedy clubs.
The Fraternity, Pride Toronto 2000 The Fraternity, the Ontario Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce and Gaymentor.com
Perhaps best known for their "cell phones, briefcases and boxers" entry in the past few Toronto Pride Parades, The Fraternity This link will open in a new browser window has provided a forum for gay business folks to network, socialize and have fun since 1988. Last September, The Fraternity joined its "sister" organization, the Lesbian Women for Recreation, Information and Business This link will open in a new browser window to found the Ontario Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce This link will open in a new browser window and pool the resources of gay and lesbian businesses across Ontario. Fraternity President Brad Douglas and Chamber President Tyrrel Ignatius join us to talk about how the groups benefit the "business side" of our community. As an example of our entrepreneurial spirit, Ignatius also tells us about his latest venture - gaymentor.com This link will open in a new browser window - an online mentoring service for both professional and business development.
'Naked News' The "Naked News"
In what will someday be an MBA case study of savvy (read: free) publicity, the folks at the Toronto-based Naked News This link will open in a new browser window have been featured on the pages and airwaves of major news services all over the world. Figuring that gays and lesbians might have an interest in seeing naked men and women read the news too, and noticing that nobody else seems to be (openly) talking about this, we took to the Village to get some queer reaction to this bit of eye candy.
Inside Out 11th Annual Inside Out Lesbian & Gay Film & Video Festival
With over 22,000 theater goers last year, Toronto's Inside Out This link will open in a new browser window Lesbian & Gay Film & Video Festival has become the biggest lesbian and gay festival in Canada... and one of the largest in the world! We've got first looks at some new flicks for this year, as well as interviews with Festival organizers and a participant in the 3rd annual Queer Youth Digital Video Project. Check out more than 300 works from over 30 countries, this May 17th-27th.

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