10%-Qtv (originally "Cable 10%") started on television in Toronto in the fall of 1995, and ran for six seasons in southern and eastern Ontario, Canada. More than 100 episodes and almost a thousand stories - produced entirely by volunteers - gave voice to the many facets of the queer community (gay, lesbian, transgendered, bisexual, all of us!), and encouraged respect, understanding and tolerance for queer people and their issues in all its audience. Summaries of every episode are available on this web site.

When "Cable 10%" first hit the air in the fall of 1995, it was revolutionary. Despite being preceded by a similar Toronto community TV program in 1972, people were still shocked that queers could have their own television show!

In more than 100 episodes and almost a thousand stories, 10% chronicled queer love, families, tragedy, causes, religions, politics, fantasies, fetishes and fun for millions of viewers in Ontario - and in fact the world.

Six years later, there are queer leading roles in movies and television, and all-queer TV channels both in Canada and the US. We have new human rights protections and same-sex benefits, and a million revelers in the streets on Pride Day. But those six years did not spell the end of ignorance, intolerance and hatred. Our gains can be lost just as quickly if we take them for granted or forget where we've come from.

We have indeed come a long way, baby. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped bring us this far. Our best wishes for those who continue to cherish and fight for queer freedom and equality everywhere.

- the volunteers of Cable 10% / 10%-Qtv
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