Moving Images

Film and video: From home movies to major features

The Archives has received copies of many films and videos over the years. Our holdings of moving images now include more than 600 items, in 8 mm and 16 mm film, and in both Beta and VHS-format videos -- and will in time, no doubt, include material in other new visual media.

Many videos here were shot at lesbian and gay events in various communities, from the Gay Mardi Gras in Sydney, Australia, to Vancouver's Gay Games, to Lesbian and Gay Pride celebrations over the years. The development of commercial erotica can be traced from early physique films, through Canadian Nude Oil Wrestling, to modern works from Europe and (inevitably) Los Angeles.

Many feature films and documentaries are also here, some in video versions. They date from Different from the Others, a German silent film made in 1919, through John Herbert's 1971 Fortune and Men's Eyes, to Lynne Fernie and Aerlyn Weissman's award-winning Fiction and Other Truths: A Film about Jane Rule -- its January 1995 premiere screening a benefit for the Archives.

Some moving image material is supplemented by extensive background on its production. In 1993 the Archives received the records of filmmaker Nick Sheehan, whose No Sad Songs (1985) was the first AIDS documentary made in Canada (see Records: Inventories). In 2001, the Archives incorporated the web site of the television program "10%-Qtv" (a.k.a. "Cable 10%") into its own site, preserving summaries, pictures, web links and viewer feedback from over 100 episodes and almost 1,000 stories broadcast between 1995 and 2001.

As noted on the page about Posters, the Archives is not only a repository for the works of film and video makers, but often their source of historical information and visual material. (See Film Makers and the CGA, a Related document available here online.)

We would like to expand our holdings of moving images, particularly in the area of Canadian lesbian and gay community events. If you have any films or videos (including catalogues and other related items) that you might be willing to offer, take a look at our page on Donating material to the Archives.

The current Inventory Listing of Moving Images can be browsed, or searched using CTRL+F.

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