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Chronology from Flaunting It! 1964-1982
1974 / Appx 400 words

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Victories and defeats
A gay and lesbian chronology 1964-1982


January 11 / Montreal
L'Association homophile de Montréal / Gay Montreal Association holds first public meeting.

January 19-20 / Montreal
Lesbian Conference, organized by Gay Women's Collective, held at Women's Centre, 3764, rue [sic; boulevard] St-Laurent.

January 23 / Quebec
First lobbying effort on part of alliance of Quebec gay groups, to include sexual orientation in a proposed provincial human rights charter, culminates in appearance before Justice Committee of [Quebec] National Assembly. First appearance of Canadian gay movement before legislative body.

February 11 / Winnipeg
Richard North and Chris Vogel married by Unitarian-Universalist minister. First publicized "gay marriage" in Canada.

February 18 / Toronto
GATE members picket Ontario Human Rights Commission on University Avenue.

March 1 / Toronto
GATE representatives meet with full Ontario Human Rights Commission to discuss demands.

March / Milton, Ontario
Fundamentalist minister Ken Campbell, outraged by Hamilton-McMaster Homophile Association members addressing his daughter's high school class, forms Halton Renaissance Committee, forerunner of Renaissance Canada. Eventually becomes one of strongest opponents of gay rights movement.

May / St John's
Community Homophile Association of Newfoundland (CHAN) formed. First gay organization in province.

May 18-19 / Saskatoon
First prairie conference of gay organizations, hosted by Saskatoon Gay Action.

July 2 / Winnipeg
Derksen Printers refuse to print Understanding Homosexuality, educational publication of Gays for Equality. Group pickets printing plant.

July 7 / Quebec
New Quebec Charter of Human Rights adopted by National Assembly without legal protection for gays.

August 17 / Toronto
Gay Pride March converges on Queen's Park. First time dailies cover such a march.

August 30 - September 1 / Winnipeg
Second national gay conference.

August 30 / Winnipeg
First public gay march in prairie provinces, part of national conference activities.
[McLeod dates conference Aug 31 - Sep 2, with march on Aug 31.]

October / Fredericton
Gay Friends of Fredericton formed. First gay group in New Brunswick.
[McLeod dates initial efforts to form group to Feb 1974.]

November / Vancouver
GATE-Vancouver files complaint against Vancouver Sun with BC Human Rights Commission regarding refusal to print classified ad for Gay Tide.
[Ad was first submitted Oct 23, 1974; Commission agreed to hear complaint Nov 18, 1974. This would become the first gay-related case to reach the Supreme Court of Canada. See: Feb 28, 1975; Jan 12, 1976; Aug 1976; Jun 10, 1977; Oct 17, 1977; May 22, 1979; and Nov 17, 1979.]

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