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Chronology from Flaunting It! 1964-1982
1978 / Appx 1,000 words

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Victories and defeats
A gay and lesbian chronology 1964-1982


January 5 / Toronto
Charges laid by police against Pink Triangle Press and three officers under Criminal Code section 159 ("possession of obscene material for distribution") and section 164 ("use of the mails for purpose of transmitting anything that is indecent, immoral or scurrilous").
[See Dec 30, 1977.]

January 14 / Toronto
Rally and march organized to protest visit of Anita Bryant to Toronto, sponsored by fundamentalist group Renaissance Canada.

January 15 / Toronto
Anita Bryant speaks at People's Church in North York. Protest rally occurs outside.

February 3 / Toronto
House of Bishops of Anglican Church of Canada affirms that gay people "are entitled to equal protection under the law with all other Canadian citizens."

March / Toronto
Incorporation of Toronto Lambda Business Council, first association of gay businesses in the country.

March 6 / Montreal
Montreal Catholic School Commission reverses January 25 decision to rent school space for an event sponsored by gay group ADGQ.

March 6 / Hamilton
Ontario Provincial Police officer Paul Head arrested, charged with gross indecency and contributing to juvenile delinquency, for having sex with his under-age lover. He is forced to resign.
[The gross indecency charge was later dropped in exchange for a plea of guilty to contributing to juvenile delinquency, for which Head was given a suspended sentence. See also: Mar 21 and 31, 1980, and Oct 14, 1981.]

March 8 / Toronto
Lesbian Mothers Defence [sic] Fund launched by Wages Due Lesbians.
[The group, with links to Wages for Housework in the US , always spelled it "Defense". McLeod notes formation of the Wages Due Lesbians collective in Toronto in Oct 1974.]

March 12 / Toronto
Jury finds three men guilty of murder of Emanuel Jaques. Fourth man is acquitted.

April 1 / Ottawa
New Immigration Act goes into effect which removes prohibition against homosexuals entering the country.

April 27 / Toronto
John Argue, swimming instructor with Toronto Board of Education, a gay activist (later active in Metro [Toronto] NDP), is fired from his job at public school because he is gay.

April 29 / Edmonton
Anita Bryant visit prompts demonstrations organized by Coalition to Answer Anita Bryant.

April 30 / Winnipeg
Bryant visit prompts gay protest demonstration.

May 3 / Toronto
Coalition for Gay Rights in Ontario distributes Discrimination and the Gay Minority to Legislature. Liberal leader Stuart Smith supports inclusion of sexual orientation in human rights code.

May 8 / Montreal
Trial begins of those in Truxx raid charged with being keepers in common bawdyhouse (see October 22, 1977).

May 17 / Toronto
Board of Education committee rehires John Argue as swimming instructor, overruling principal of school.

May 18-21 / Toronto
Second annual conference of MCC [Metropolitan Community Church] in Canada sees election of new Canadian coordinator and installation of Rev Brent Hawkes as pastor of MCC Toronto.

May 20-22 / Toronto
First bi-national gay youth conference held.
["Bi-national" refers to Canada and Quebec.]

June 28 - July 4 / Halifax
Sixth National Gay Conference hosted by Gay Alliance for Equality.
[At this meeting the National Gay Rights Coalition changed its names to the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Rights Coalition. See Jun 27, 1975.]

Summer / Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario
Hour-long "Gay News and Views" begins on local station. First regularly scheduled gay radio programme in Canada.

Summer / Montreal
Quebec Human Rights Commission decides that Montreal Catholic School Commission's refusal to rent facilities to gay group is discriminatory. First such finding by commission since inclusion of "sexual orientation" in charter.

July 1 / Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
Gay protest rally responds to visit of Anita Bryant to province. First such rally in city.

August 15 / Montreal
Quebec Human Rights Commission reconsiders earlier decision and now agrees Montreal Catholic School Commission could refuse to rent premises to gay group.

August 23-27 / Toronto
Gaydays, popular gay festival, held in Toronto at Queen's Park.

September 10 / London, Ontario
Anita Bryant visit sparks protest demonstration outside London Gardens Coliseum.

October 6-9 / Quebec
Regroupement national des lesbiennes et gaies du Québec, Quebec-wide gay coalition, formed by groups meeting at Laval University.

September 29 / Toronto
Ontario Arts Council gives The Body Politic its last grant ($1,650) following three-month delay and much backroom politicking. Uproar in press prompts minister responsible for OAC to publicly criticize the award.

November 7 / California
Briggs Initiative or Proposition 6, a state-wide referendum calling for firing of gay or gay-positive teachers from public school system, is defeated. Broad-based grass roots movement to oppose right-wing offensive politicizes thousands of gay people. Major victory for gay movement in US.

November 12 / Windsor
Gay activist Jim Monk loses in bid for school trustee in municipal elections.

November 27 / San Francisco
Gay city supervisor Harvey Milk and pro-gay mayor George Moscone assassinated by ex-supervisor Dan White, who is charged with murder. Death of Milk, a symbol of ascendancy of openly gay men and women to public office, deals heavy blow to San Francisco gay community.

November 27 / Toronto
Formation of first Parents of Gays group in Canada.

December 9 / Toronto
Metro Toronto police raid the Barracks steambath and charge twenty-three men as found-ins, five as keepers of a common bawdyhouse.
[First raid in Toronto to generate substantial resistance. Community meeting held Dec 11, protest march Dec 16, both attracting about 400 people. See also Jan 22, 1979.]

December 18 / Toronto
Metro police sergeant calls three school boards in Toronto area and informs them six teachers in their employ were arrested in Barracks raid. Officer is given only internal department reprimand.

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