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11.16.95 p.7
(with 1985 PHOTO of Gerald Hannon)

Prof backs adult-kid sex;

by Trish Tervit

A Ryerson Polytechnic University professor defended his pro-pedophilia opinions on a talk-radio station yesterday.

Journalism prof Gerald Hannon told the Horsman-Lederman show on AM640 that the "concept" of adults having sex with children "does not bother" him.

The university launched a probe this week into allegations Hannon wrote an essay condoning sex with underage children and that he's spouting his beliefs to students.

The issue came to light after Toronto Sun columnist Heather Bird revealed that Hannon condones "intergenerational sex."

On the talk-radio program, Hannon admitted to discussing sex often in his classroom and to making a "glancing reference" once to his essay.

"I don't think such relationships are automatically bad," Hannon said on air.

Sex with a child could be good when it's a "growth situation with the child, it could be an introduction to something that the child is going to be doing in life, something the child could well already be doing with other children," Hannon said.

"I don't see why sex is different from sports, education, religion."

The university has launched an investigation into Hannon's activities and it's expected to be completed by the end of the week.

The Ryersonian - the university's newspaper - printed a front-page story yesterday strongly supporting the professor. "As a teacher, he's great - it's not an issue," student Carolyn Gleeson said in the article.

Despite admitting to a "glancing reference" to his essay, Hannon strongly denied ever discussing the open sex theory in his classroom. "(The essay) was not handed out in my class, it has nothing to do with Ryerson."

Hannon also told the show's hosts that he's never had sex with children.

"I'm not interested in children sexually at all," he said.

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