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11.21.95 p.11

Letter of the day

RE "The professor of desire" (Sun, Nov. 14): Being the father of three boys, ages 5, 12 and 14, I am stunned that a man of Gerald Hannon's calibre and position at Ryerson would be espousing such points of view publicly.

Hannon, presumably not a father, has missed the critical point that though children by a certain adolescent age may be physically sexually mature, and indeed have sexual desires, they are a long way from dealing with sexuality from an emotionally responsible perspective. Indeed, one could cite case after case where children, involved in sex before they were emotionally mature, were left scarred for life. Yet Hannon suggests "it makes good education sense to push a child's limits ... " Pushing a child's limits sexually is somehow educational!

And what does Hannon himself think? That his views are a triumph of literary licence? That he somehow represents progressive intellectual thinking?

This is not journalism, this is insanity.

As the Sun's Heather Bird states, this is not gay bashing or homophobia (many homosexuals are probably outraged by this man's comments as well). What we have here is an intelligent, articulate man who is truly dangerous notwithstanding his credentials.

God help us if our society is moving in a direction where child sex will one day be considered the norm and that this activity, far from being harmful, is considered "educational" for children.

Peter Langford

(We'd wager most parents are just as horrified as you are)

11.21.95 p.10

Letter to the editor

As a minor hockey league coach, I am compelled to register my distaste at Ryerson teacher Gerald Hannon's likening of minor hockey to pedophilia and his analogy of coaches to adult lovers. One can only interpret Hannon's piteous musings as an attempt to legitimize a loathesome perversion by appropriating the honor of a noble pursuit. Most coaches, such as myself, pilot our sons' squads. We love the game and any suggestions of deviancy will not be countenanced.

Frank Kelly
Atom Coach
Scarboro Sabres Hockey Club

(Hannon's musings would be best kept to himself)

A chrnology