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The Body Politic Collective
Members, 1971-1987

The Body Politic Collective was the governing body of The Body Politic and, once it was born, of Pink Triangle Press. After the Press's incorporation in 1975 there was a board of directors, but until the demise of the collective in Dec 1987 its role was nominal (except in 1978, when Ken Popert, Ed Jackson and Gerald Hannon faced charges as directors; see Legal defence).

Over the course of 15 years, more than 90 people served on the collective. Membership criteria were loose at first: many people who showed up for only a month or two were listed as collective members in early issues. Later standards were more rigorous, if ever- changing, usually based on a continued contribution of labour for at least six months -- and on political acceptability: membership was by invitation only.

Except for stints as paid staff noted for some people below, collective members served as volunteers. It was not unusual for them (and some non- members) with full- time jobs to put in 20 hours a week or more at TBP.

All dates given below are issue dates. Issues were usually (though not always) dated for the month following their publication. Cover dates two months in advance were applied from the Oct 1975 to Sep 1976 issues (actually published from Aug 1975 to Jul 1976). Most other issues before then, and some after, carried two- month dates; in individual entries below only the first month is shown. All this means that the actual calendar dates of a person's involvement could be anywhere from a few weeks to more than a month earlier than the dates shown.

People are listed under the issue in which they first appeared as a contributor -- even to the extent of a letter to the editor. Dates in bold, immediately following names, are issues for which the person was a member of the collective. (Anyone still on the collective at its end is given a closing date of Dec 1987.) Any earlier or later contributions are noted in parentheses.

The major work areas of most people are also noted, where known. Some in-house code is used: the "Our Image" group dealt with reviews to mid-1981; "Midmag" with both features and reviews thereafter; and "Inmag" with listings and Xtra from mid-1984.

Some assignments noted here are partial, especially for early issues that did not list people by function, or where only an editorial role is shown. For many years, collective membership meant that one had to take on administrative as well as editorial work.

Many people who played key roles at The Body Politic and the Press never joined the collective. Especially after development of the editorial groups noted above, there were other forums in which one could have considerable influence without having to face up to four more meetings a month. (In a burst of inclusive zeal just before the Sep 1983 issue, 16 people at once were invited onto the collective. Most didn't stay, but did stay involved in other ways.) There is a list of more than 280 long- time non- collective volunteers in Appendix 5.

Note that in early issues some people used only their first names, or pseudonymns. Full names for some appear in Peter Zorzi's Queer Catharsis, for which -- and for further leads on some of the people named below -- see Other sources of information: Archival resources.

Issue 1: Nov / Dec 1971

Issue 2: Jan / Feb 1972

Issue 3: Mar / Apr 1972

Issue 4: May / Jun 1972

Issue 5: Jul / Aug 1972

Issue 7: Winter 1973 (late 1972)

Issue 8: Spring 1973

Issue 9: 1973 (summer)

Issue 10: 1973 (autumn)

Issue 15: Sep / Oct 1974

Issue 17: Jan / Feb 1975

Issue 19: Jul / Aug 1975

Issue 20: Oct 1975

Issue 22: Feb 1976

Issue 23: Apr 1976

Issue 24: Jun 1976

Issue 26: Sep 1976

Issue 32: Apr 1977

Issue 38: Nov 1977

Issue 40: Feb 1978

Issue 42: Apr 1978

Issue 43: May 1978

Issue 47: Oct 1978

Issue 50: Feb 1979

Issue 58: Nov 1979

Issue 60: Feb 1980

Issue 64: Jun / Jul 1980

Issue 70: Feb 1981

Issue 72: Apr 1981

Issue 74: Jun 1981

Issue 76: Sep 1981

Issue 78: Nov 1981

Issue 80: Jan / Feb 1982

Issue 82: Apr 1982

Issue 86: Sep 1982

Issue 89: Dec 1982

Issue 91: Mar 1983

Issue 92: Apr 1983

Issue 93: May 1983

Issue 95: Jul / Aug 1983

Issue 96: Sep 1983

Issue 97: Oct 1983

Issue 101: Mar 1984

Issue 102: Apr 1984

Issue 103: May 1984

Issue 106: Sep 1984

Issue 110: Jan 1985

Issue 112: Mar 1985

Issue 113: Apr 1985

Issue 114: May 1985

Issue 115: Jun 1985

Issue 126: May 1986

After Issue 135, Feb 1987

For a time, The Body Politic Collective remained nominally in charge of Pink Triangle Press even after The Body Politic itself was gone. On Nov 30, 1987, those who "to the best of our knowledge and belief are all the members and the only members of the Body Politic Collective" assigned "our authority in all matters irrevokably and forever to Pink Triangle Press ... and to its successors." The document was signed by Gerald Hannon, Ian King, John Allec, Rick Bébout, Thomas Andrew Keith, Dale Bolivar, Colin Brownlee and Ken Popert.

The assignment was to take effect at adjournment of the Press's next annual general meeting. On Dec 6, 1987, at 3:05 pm, The Body Politic Collective ceased to exist.

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