Eve 6000, Canada’s Drag Race Famous Star, Requests Parents not to Drag their Kids to Drag Shows

Eve 6000, a drag queen from Toronto who unfortunately was eliminated in Canada’s Drag Race in 8th position, shared her advice with parents on Twitter. She said that although children can attend drag shows, it is not good for them to attend those not specifically designed for a child audience.

She expressed her concerns that these events may not be entirely suitable for children and that the right groups might get footage of them and use it against them. Eve 6000 further made it clear that children should only attend shows designed for kids only.

The tweet from Eve came after footage began making rounds on social media showing a trans woman in a drag bar performing as she was holding a child’s hand, guiding them from the performance stage. 

Eve 6000 referred to the video directly, saying the trans performer probably just saw the child and decided to hold her hand to give her a good experience. Still, her actions were dangerous and could be life-threatening for drag queens.

Eve 6000 tweet gained attention, with one, Miss Gia Doll, agreeing with what Eve had to say. Miss Gia Doll shared her thoughts about parents taking their kids home. She expressed how people were getting comfortable having trans women in odd positions so they could drink without getting a proper babysitter for their children. 

The tweet from Eve 6000 was after an alumnus from RuPaul’s Drag Race was disgusted with her reaction after the Tennessee senate pushed to ban public drag shows. The senators approved the bill, legally making it an offense for drag queens to perform publicly on public property where minors can watch.

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