Victoria Scone Openly Calls Out ‘Misogyny’ in Canada’s Drag Race

The term “fishy” has always been used to describe a drag queen who looks somewhat like a CIS-gendered woman associated with owning a vagina. In season three of Drag Race UK, Victoria Scone, one of the competitors, re-entered and discussed the subject with the remaining contestants.

Victoria Scone is the AFAB Franchise’s queen, and she boldly asks Prince if she used the word fishy in her verse. Prince confirmed using it before Scone further asked if Prince understood why that term would be offensive to a woman or a cis woman. 

Prince, in her defense, answered Scone that the word had been reclaimed and is considered a positive phrase in the Philippines, and Scone replied that the term fishy connects to a woman’s vagina, citing it smells like fish. Scone continued to mention that she no longer hears misogyny in the drag culture.

Landon Cider, the drag king and the winner of Dragula, the season three drag competition, sides with Victoria. In his words, through a tweet, he said misogynistic gay men have always hated lesbians, and that was not new. He further said for the longest time, gay men have always had derogatory intentions by referring to queer cis women as fish, and that wasn’t new. 

In subsequent comments, Landon applauds Victoria Scone for being the only cis woman contestant in the franchise, which he recognizes must be hated. He adds that the misogyny trolls were trolling him, and he would instantly block anyone but wouldn’t take down the tweet in support of Victoria.

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