Pride 2023

Pride Month is finally here, and we want the world to remember our community exists and will continue to exist. We, therefore, take great pride in inviting community members, supporters, friends, and family to come and celebrate with us. We would appreciate it if you came to understand our history, our challenges, and resilience and celebrate our wins and successes as the LGBTQ+ society.

This June, we want to amplify our rich history and share our great work. You can remain updated on our course through our social media platforms. While Pride initially started as a protest, we are glad to finally reach a level where we can celebrate ourselves as we continue forging ahead on how far we can go.

Pride Month allows us to express ourselves and connect with the community. It highlights how resilient we have been, how we survive and continue striving for a better community. While it is just one month, we need to celebrate Pride every day, and hopefully, we will achieve this in the future. Let us pride ourselves on stepping out and living truthfully and authentically. Let us stay happy and make others happy, too, appreciating those who do the same for us.

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