Find Out Why LGBTQ+ Employee Networks are Important

More companies are recognizing the need for an inclusive workforce. Inclusivity means a diverse workforce that is accommodative for people from the LGBTQ+ community.

Unfortunately, the anti-LGBTQ+ laws enacted in the United States radiated its effect on other nations. Additionally, with the UK struggling with the definition of ‘sex’ according to the Equality Act, companies need to show support to LGBTQ+ employees.

Most inclusive policies come from employee resource groups, which are often volunteer-led. These networks play an important role in ensuring there is a supportive work environment that is accommodative of queer employees.

Simple activities like organizing social activities like Pride Month, which accommodates the LGBTQ+ community, go a long way. They also impact the productivity of the employees. 

A welcoming environment where they feel comfortable and accepted gives them a sense of belonging, which increases their productivity. It also contributes to a better working environment as they share a sense of belonging with other employees,

Unfortunately, a safe workplace for everyone and everyone who feels they matter is not something everyone can access. So, despite social media raising awareness and offering forums where the LGBTQ+ network can connect, ERGs bridge the gap and amplify this voice.

ERGs are more than social clubs. If run intentionally with objectives, a plan, a strategy, and a budget, they can be an indispensable tool for a business. They will have a clear understanding of success, and the success can be measurable. ERGs should balance being fun and enhancing business performance to meet desired goals.

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