Canada Urged to Consider Granting Asylum to Trans People

Many countries have transphobic laws, which have seen tens of thousands of people from other countries running to Canada to seek asylum. In February, there were almost 30,000 people who were signing a petition requesting new asylum rules.

The petition aimed to call on the House of Commons to grant asylum to transgender as well as non-binary people feeling the eliminationist laws in their original countries. The petition also cited Western democracies and called out the UK, where Rishi Sunak, the prime minister, was removing the protections for trans people under the Equality Act. 

The petition further mentions the US, citing that more than 12 states were considering or enacting anti-trans legislation. Caitlin Glasson, an Ontario resident, initiated the bill, which fast surpassed the 500 thresholds, thus, forcing the government to respond. The bill was open for signatures from Canadian citizens and had a deadline of 26th May. 

Among the signatories was Mike Morrice, the Green Party politician. In his statement, Mike emphasized that the petition reached the minimum required signatures in two hours and made it known the petition was top in the country and was accessible through the House of Commons website.

When asked what fueled the petition, Glasson explicitly told CTV News she chose the petition to approach the government, which was what she felt was urgent and important. She referred to Canada’s positive track record when dealing with trans legislation and said without urgent action. Trans people from other countries would continue losing their lives.

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