What It Is Like Being a Trans Man on Grindr

Like others too, we want to experience the mystery and connectivity of joining dating platforms like Grindr. But the experience might be a little different for us. I decided to spread my wings and sign up on the app a few years back. 

It may have felt a little bit shady, but now that I was out of the closet, there was nothing to fear or lose. With vigor, I put in my details and signed up. For my bio, I did mention I was trans to ensure I was getting the right matches. Unfortunately, most people ignored this, so imagine what I came across in my inbox.

Most requests I got were from people asking me to share my private pics, while the few who bothered to go through my bio wanted an experience of what it felt like to be in my position.

Well, I would not mind sending the requested pics, but not to every Tom, Dick, and Harry. I prefer to send intimate pictures of me to someone I have a little chemistry with, someone I am getting along with and know would keep them safe. The story may be a little different for someone joining the app currently.

Besides that, another experience trans masculines will experience is the honesty of disclosing you are trans and getting confused for a therapist. See, most admirers will come to you with their beliefs, majorly misconceptions about trans people.

So, while you may be joining the app with high expectations, expect the unexpected as well. Good riddance, and good luck getting laid!

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