QMUNITY and Capilano University Have Joined Forces to Provide a Gender-Diverse and Queer-Inclusive Program

Capilano University CapU officially agreed to partner with QMUNITY on December 6, 2022, to conduct a learning experiment focusing on delivering a gender-diverse and queer-inclusive program to the CapU community. This pilot program was the two institutions’ first collaboration.

The university’s assistant vice president for Student Success, Daniel Levangie, stated that this was an innovative curriculum for a program that would empower people through a series of sessions about shared principles and bring about an integrated goal of inclusion and equal treatment of the LGBTQ+ community.

Daniel went on to say that the initiative was critical to the society’s commitment to further developing its culture of fairness, diversity, and inclusion. He also stated that the effort was unique and will deepen relationships and increase inclusivity using an effective train-the-trainer strategy.

Tracy London, then-co-executive director of QMUNITY, stated that the collaboration was the first of its type and that the training program will adopt a restorative justice methodology, delivered via an online platform and immersive queer learning.

The program was divided into parts, with phases one through three reserved for CapU staff exclusively. These stages would train a core group of facilitators who would then pass on their skills to future employees and students.

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