Marked tattoo

April 9 to May 29. This new exhibition by guest curator Christian Hernandez focuses on how tattoos mark a person’s body, but also mark an important moment in their life. What stories do tattoos tell, hidden beneath clothes, just below the skin?

The Stories Project

Follow The Stories Project team's process of discovery as they delve into the archives' rich, historical collection and amass material for a three-part publication.


Visit the National Portrait Collection

The National Portrait Collection (NPC) is a central part of our archival holdings at the Canadian Lesbian + Gay Archives (CLGA).

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The Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives (CLGA) is the largest independent LGBTQ+ archives in the world. With a focus on Canadian content, the CLGA acquires, preserves and provides public access to information and archival materials in any medium.

By collecting and caring for important historical records, personal papers, unpublished documents, publications, audio-visual material, works of art, photographs, posters, and other artifacts, the CLGA is a trusted guardian of LGBTQ+ histories now and for generations to come.

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